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The extension towers are 64 meters over the outside of the water. 1,560 meters in length, the separation between the towers is 1074 meters, it is 39 meters wide and the autos go on it through three different ways forward and backward. The expense of the Bosphorus Bridge was 21 million and 747 thousand dollars. Since 1979, the principal connect has facilitated the 42-kilometer long distance race, the extension crossing stage is the most vital, with a huge number of nationalities participating each year. The Second Bridge (Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge) With the expanding number of vehicles in Istanbul, and the deficiency of the primary scaffold to meet the expanding need of transporting between the two pieces of the city, and due to congestion, the second extension was worked in Istanbul over Bosphorus.

It came into task on 4 January 1986. It was likewise structured by a consortium of remote organizations and actualized by a few organizations, including Turkish and Japanese organizations. The scaffold was opened on 3 July 1988 with four round-trip courses. The scaffold is 1510 meters in length and 39 meters wide. The separation between the two towers is 1090 meters, while the scaffold ascends from the ocean surface to 64 meters. The extension is suspended by a couple of links, and if important, supplanting one is simple. Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge The Sultan Mehmet Bridge is as of now part of the Ankara-Edirne street, inside Europe International Highway known as TEM.